Making dreams come true at a birthday party in Corona del Mar, California

About Uni

Uni the Unicorn is a magical unicorn who lives in his enchanted forest in Newport Beach, California. Fleet of foot and colored white, Uni encourages kids and people of all ages to believe in the power of their dreams. For a lucky few, Uni might make his magical appearance..

Uni loves children, forest fairies, and magical creatures. His best friend is a mermaid called Briny. The diet of a unicorn can usually only be speculated upon. However it's a known fact that Uni loves rainbow sprinkle cupcakes and candy coated grass.

Uni is a highly intelligent creature, as one would expect. He is known to be wise, telepathic and is able to broadcast his peaceful thoughts and feelings on to whomever he wishes. He has one sky blue eye, one brown eye, and four white little hooves. Look into Uni's blue eye, whisper your wish in his fuzzy little ear, and he does his best to make your dream come true.

Despite these attributes, Uni is truly known for the magical power of his spiral horn which brings light, unity and love to the world.

Believe in the Power of Your Dreams!